This shop is run by Zak Mishriky. We are a family owned and operated business located on Christian Quarter Road in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel. Our shop specializes in selling antiquities, and we are licensed by the Israel Antiquities Authority as an authorized dealer. You will also find many other gifts made in Israel on our site, including Roman glass jewelry, olive wood figures, and other unique gifts from the Old City.

In order to sell antiquities legally in Israel, the seller must have an official license issued by the IAA. In order to obtain and keep their licenses, dealers provide the IAA with an up-to-date inventory of their collections. The licenses also have to be prominently displayed in the dealer’s shop.

Tourists, collectors and even scholars have long purchased ancient artifacts for sale legally in Israel. Some of these ancient antiquities for sale, such as the James Ossuary and the ivory pomegranate, are well known to Biblical Archaeology Review readers. Most people who legally buy ancient artifacts, however, purchase simple coins, oil lamps and clay pots, the everyday items of ancient life that, millennia later, become the treasured possessions of their new owners.

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