Buying Antiquities


One of the first questions people ask is, “is it really legal to buy antiquities in Israel?” The answer is “Yes,” but only if it is through an authorized dealer. It is illegal to take antiquities from a current archaeological excavation out of the country, and many people have been fined or even arrested for this.

It is also illegal to export antiquities that were discovered after 1978, and in order to be sure that current archaeological artifacts do not leave the country; each item must have a certificate from a licensed antiquities dealer. Here at Zak Mishriky Antiquities and Fine Art, we are licensed by the Israel Antiquities authority to buy and sell antiquities.

Our items are documented as being discovered before 1978 and are purchased legally by museum auctions and collectors. Each of our items has been cataloged through the IAA database, and when you purchase an antiquity from our store, it comes with a certificate of authenticity and export approval documents. These export approval documents come straight from the Israel Antiquities authority, and verify that it is legal to ship outside the country.

At Zak Mishriky Antiquities and Fine Art, we guarantee that our items are authentic and legal to sell. It is our responsibility to make sure each item makes it to your home, and we will provide all of the legal documentation to make this possible.



Buying antiquities is a great investment, but unfortunately because of this, there is always a risk of purchasing fakes. The easiest way to know an antiquity is real is to purchase it from an experienced, authorized dealer. There is no one rule for determining the authenticity of a piece, and verifying that a piece is genuine takes years of experience.

Although you can read about how to find fakes, and look at different criteria, it is only through handling antiquities for many years that one can truly determine if a piece is authentic or not.

At Zak Mishriky Antiquities and Fine Art, we guarantee that all of our antiquities are authentic. If at any point you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us and we refund your purchase 100% on all antiquities.