Ancient Greek Coins
Alexander the Great coins and coins from the Hellenistic period.

Ancient Coins Discovered in Israel
Coins In Israel started in the fourth century BC by the Samaritan and the Persians and more strongly in the second century BC.

Ancient coins discovered in Israel is a great find and connection to the bible and a window to the history archeological sites around Jerusalem is the place towers find many of ancient artifact special coins from the hasmonian period jewish governors in the second temple period

- Greek Coins

Antiochus III (245-242 B.C.)
Antiochus III Silver TetradrachmaAntiochus III Silver Tetradrachma
Bronze Seleucid Coin
SaleGreek Silver Coin Alexander the Great
Hasmonean Coin
Seleucid Drachma (285 BC)
Silver Alexander the Great
Silver Ptolemy IV (204 B.C.)

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