Bronze Oil Lamp from The First Temple Period Era


First Temple period bronze oil lamp

● Rare XF bronze lamp.
● First Temple unique artifact.
● Length: 6″ / 15cm.
● Width: 5″ / 12.5 cm.
● Certificate of Authenticity and IAA Documents included

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Ancient oil lamp made out of bronze

This Bronze oil lamp is a rare item and in especially good shape.

Moreover, the Bronze Oil Lamp is a relic that offers insights into the daily lives and spiritual practices of the people during the First Temple Period. Lamps of this kind were not merely sources of light; they were integral to various religious ceremonies and household rituals, casting a warm glow over solemn gatherings and family occasions alike. The presence of these lamps in archaeological sites indicates their ubiquity and significance in the spiritual and communal lives of the people of that era.


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