“Widow’s Mite” Coins Mounted in Sterling Silver Earrings – Made in Israel


These exquisite earrings feature authentic “Widow’s Mite” coins, dating back to biblical times, delicately mounted in sterling silver.

Handcrafted in Israel, these designer earrings capture the rich history and spirituality of the Holy Land. With their unique blend of ancient and modern aesthetics, they are a true testament to the enduring beauty of faith.

● Total weight: 8.3 grams.
● Height: 1″ inch / 2.5 cm.
● Made in Jerusalem.

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The Fascinating Story Behind Widow’s Mite Coins: A Symbol of Sacrifice and Generosity

The Widow’s Mite coins hold a captivating history that dates back to biblical times. These small bronze coins were minted in the ancient city of Jerusalem during the time of the Second Temple, which stood from 516 BC to 70 AD. The name “Widow’s Mite” comes from a story in the New Testament, where Jesus observes a poor widow giving two small copper coins as an offering in the temple. This act of sacrifice and generosity inspired the name for these ancient coins.

The Widow’s Mite coins were not only used for everyday transactions but also played a crucial role in the Jewish religious practices of the time. They were used as offerings in the temple and were considered a symbol of sacrifice and devotion. The story of the widow’s offering highlighted the importance of giving from one’s heart, regardless of the amount. These coins became a powerful symbol of selflessness and generosity.

Exquisite Sterling Silver Designer Earrings: Showcasing Ancient Widow’s Mite Coins from Israel

Today, these ancient Widow’s Mite coins are being beautifully showcased in sterling silver designer earrings, crafted in Israel. These earrings not only serve as a stunning piece of jewelry but also carry a deep historical and symbolic meaning.

Sterling silver earrings created with ancient biblical coins from Israel. Made exclusively for Zak antiquities in Jerusalem by our jewelry designer.

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