Maccabean Bronze Coin First – Jonathan The Beloved of Jewish


Hasmoninan bronze coin with ancient Hebrew letters

● First century before Christ coin.
● Stamped with Jonathan the beloved of Jews.
● Prutah the smallest coin then.
● Side B: Two cornucopias and a Poppy between.
● Stand and a certificate of authenticity included.

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Hasmonean Coin with ancient hebrew letters

The Hasmonean Bronze Coin
The Hasmonean bronze coins are more than just ancient currency; they are emblematic of a period when the Jewish people reclaimed their homeland and sovereignty. Crafted from the humble earth, these coins were minted during the reign of the Hasmonean dynasty, around the 2nd century BCE, a time when the Maccabees led a successful revolt against the Seleucid Empire. Each coin, with its unique markings and symbols, serves as a testament to the Hasmonean’s political autonomy and cultural renaissance. The symbols engraved, like the menorah, the showbread table, or the cornucopia, were not random but chosen with intent, reflecting the religious and agricultural prosperity of the era.

The Hasmonian bronze coin, inscribed with the name Yonathan in Paleo Hebrew, is more than an artifact; it is a key that unlocks the rich tapestry of Jewish history during the Maccabean period. It encapsulates the essence of a struggle that has inspired countless generations, a reminder of the courage and faith that defined one of the most pivotal moments in Jewish history. As we marvel at this tiny piece of bronze, we are reminded of the enduring power of legacy and the unbreakable spirit of a people who, led by figures like Yonathan, carved their place in history with unwavering determination and hope. In the gleam of this ancient coin, we find not just the reflections of the past, but the enduring light of resilience and faith that continues to guide us today.


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