Decorated Early Roman Oil Lamp – Late First Century AD


Oil Lamp Decorated with Harp of David Pottery Vessels

  • Made of Local Clay.
  • Early Roman Period (First century AD).
  • From the time of the apostles.
  • IAA Export Approval available.
  • Certificate of authenticity included.

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Harp of David on a Clay Oil Lamp from the Time of Jesus

During Jesus’ life and ministry, the Jewish people adhered to a life of religious simplicity. They used plain, undecorated pottery and utilitarian stone cups. Oil lamps were no exception. The Herodian-style lamp is notable for its stylistic simplicity. But the political situation shifted rapidly in the mid-first century AD. Jesus went to the cross rather than leading the Jewish people in battle against Rome as they had hoped their Messiah would do. Eventually, the Jewish Zealots revolted against Rome, which led to the eventual destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish temple. These tragedies rocked the religious community. Things were changing. Christianity was spreading, despite persecution. Priorities shifted, and these changes were reflected in the dishes and lamps, such as this decorated early Roman oil lamp. The era of stark simplicity was over. Decorations began to appear on oil lamps, an attempt at beautifying the ordinary.

“He was the burning and shining lamp, and you were willing for a time to rejoice in his light.” – John 5:35


This decorated early Roman oil lamp dates to the end of the first century AD. It features a flanged spout. Charring on the nozzle indicated that the lamp was used in antiquity. The lamp has a filling hole in the center of the body and a small triangular handle. It lamp is decorated with images of pottery vessels. This lamp is slightly damaged, with a small hole in the top.

Length: 4″ / 10 cm.

Width: 3″ / 8 cm.

Antiquities from the land of the Bible are great investments and teaching tools. They bring the Bible to life in a tangible way, connecting the stories of the Bible with real artifacts that illuminate the text.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity and all required documents for export approval.

Shipped direct from Jerusalem.

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