1st Century Bronze Oil Lamp – Found in Jerusalem – Hellenistic


The 1st Century Hellenistic Bronze Oil Lamp from Jerusalem.

● Ancient oil lamp from Jerusalem.
● Concentric circle design.
● Length: 3.3″ inches / 8.2 cm.
● Metal: bronze – Weight: 196 grams.
● Discovered in the Holy Land.

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The lamp, characterized by its intricate craftsmanship and Hellenistic artistic influences, is a testament to the cultural and historical melting pot that was Jerusalem during the Hellenistic period, which spanned from the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE to the beginning of the Roman Empire in 31 BCE.

The significance of this find cannot be overstated. Oil lamps from this era served not only as sources of light but also as decorative items and religious symbols. The Hellenistic period was known for its advancements in art and culture, and this lamp is a prime example of the era’s aesthetic sensibilities. Its discovery adds to our understanding of ancient manufacturing techniques and design preferences, offering insights into trade and cultural exchange during a time when Jerusalem was under the influence of successive empires. The lamp’s preservation and the context of its discovery provide a rare opportunity to study the material culture of a city that has been at the crossroads of civilizations for centuries.

Ancient Treasure for Modern Collectors: Licensed Antiquities Dealer Offers Unique Hellenistic Bronze Oil Lamp

For collectors and enthusiasts of ancient history, the opportunity to own a piece of the past is an alluring prospect. A licensed antiquities dealer has now made this rare 1st-century Hellenistic bronze oil lamp available for sale, offering a unique chance to acquire an artifact of significant historical value. The lamp, authenticated and legally acquired, comes with documentation that certifies its provenance and legality, ensuring that collectors can make their purchase with confidence. The dealer’s license and reputation is a guarantee of the item’s authenticity, and it underscores the importance of ethical collecting practices that preserve the historical context and integrity of ancient artifacts.

The allure of this Hellenistic bronze oil lamp lies not only in its historical significance but also in its aesthetic appeal. As a work of art, it represents the high level of skill and artistry that ancient craftsmen achieved. For modern collectors, it serves as a centerpiece that sparks conversation and admiration, a tangible piece of history that continues to shine a light on the rich tapestry of human civilization. The lamp is not merely an object of antiquity; it is a bridge to an era that laid the foundations for much of Western culture. By owning such a piece, collectors become stewards of history, ensuring that the stories and achievements of the past are not forgotten but are instead celebrated and preserved for future generations.

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