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Antiquities from Israel

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  • Ancient Byzantine Oil Lamp with a Cross – Discovered in Jerusalem

    Authentic oil lamp from the Byzantine period with a cross on the nozzle.

    (4th-5th century AD)

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  • Ancient Byzantine Period Clay Oil Lamp – Found in Jerusalem

    Byzantine clay oil lamp 5th century AD.

    • Early Christian.
    • Bethlehem region.
    • Length 5 inches.
    • Illuminate living area’s.
    • Certificate of authenticity included.
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  • Ancient Clay Byzantine Incense Burner

    Byzantine period clay incense burner


    • Ancient Christian artifact.

    • Early Church use.

    • Discovered in Nablus.

    • Height: 13cm.

    • Certificate of authenticity.

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  • Ancient Clay Vessel Middle Bronze Period

    Middle Bronze Ancient Clay Jar 1850 BC

    Cream white Middle Bronze period close carinated vessel.

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  • Ancient Greek Clay Oil Lamp – Hellenistic Period in Jerusalem

    Ancient oil Lamp discovered in Israel Hellenistic period

    • Decorated oil lamp.
    • Hellenistic period (333-63 B.C.)
    • Certificate of authenticity included.
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  • Ancient Oil Lamp – Archaeological Biblical Find

    Iron Age oil lamp

    • King David period oil lamp.
    • Discovered in Israel.
    • first millennium B.C lamp.
    • Good Condition Length: 5.5cm.
    • certificate of authenticity included.
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  • Ancient Roman Coin – Emperor Marcus Probus 282 AD

    Marcus Aurelius Probus coin Roman emperor from 276 to 282.

    • Ancient Roman coin.
    • Caesar Marcus Aurelius Caesar.
    • Discovered in Israel.
    • Certificate of authenticity.
    • Classic presentation stand.
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  • Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet from Time of Jesus

    Roman Period bracelet made of glass.

    • Height: 0.27″ / 0.7 cm.
    • Diameter: 3″ / 7.6 cm.
    • Discovered in Jerusalem.

    The most common natural colors of the glass are blue and green. This is how the glass was first created, and is due to the natural minerals in the sand used during process.

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  • Ancient Roman Needle – Found in Jerusalem

    Ancient Roman needle Jesus’ time.

    • 5″ inch / 12.5 cm long.
    • Nice eye on the needle.
    • Discovered in Jerusalem.
    • Certificate of authenticity.
    • Great teaching tool for a pastor.
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