Antiquities from Israel

Antiquities from Israel are a

Antiquities from Israel

  • Ancient Byzantine Oil Lamp With A Cross - Discovered in Jerusalem

    Ancient Byzantine Oil Lamp with a Cross – Discovered in Jerusalem


    Authentic oil lamp from the

  • Byzantine Period Clay Oil Lamp

    Ancient Byzantine Period Clay Oil Lamp – Found in Jerusalem


    Byzantine clay oil lamp 5th

  • Ancient Byzantine incense burner

    Ancient Clay Byzantine Incense Burner


    Byzantine period clay incense burner


  • Ancient Clay Jer Middle Bronze period

    Ancient Clay Vessel Middle Bronze Period


    Middle Bronze Ancient Clay Jar

  • Ancient Greek Oil Lamp

    Ancient Greek Clay Oil Lamp – Hellenistic Period in Jerusalem


    Ancient oil Lamp discovered in

  • archaeological find oil lamp

    Ancient Oil Lamp – Archaeological Biblical Find


    Iron Age oil lamp

    • King David
  • Emperor Probus coin

    Ancient Roman Coin – Emperor Marcus Probus 282 AD


    Marcus Aurelius Probus coin Roman

  • Ancient Roman Needle

    Ancient Roman Needle – Found in Jerusalem


    Ancient Roman needle Jesus’ time.

    • 5″
  • Ancient Roman Weapon

    Ancient Roman Sling Bullet – Rome Smart Weapon


    Lead Roman period war tool

  • First Temple Period Water Jar

    Ancient Water Jar Iron Age II – First Temple Period


    First Temple Period Ancient Jar

  • Roman Ancient Weapon Sling Bullet

    Ancient Weapon Roman Sling Bullet – Found in Jerusalem


    Ancient Roman Weapon.

    A famous weapon

  • Coin of Antonius Felix a Governor over Judea Year 52 AD

    Antonius Felix Ancient Coin – Governor over Judea


    Coin minted under Jewish governor

  • Bronze Coin of Trajan

    Authentic Bronze Coin of Roman Emperor Trajan (111 A.D.)


    Authentic bronze coin of Trajan

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