Second Jewish Revolt Coin – Simon The Prince of Israel


Coin of the Bar Kochba Revolt.

● Bronze Jewish coin year 133 after Christ.
● Simon Bar Kochba the Prince of Israel.
● Second Jewish year 3 of the 2nd Revolt against Rome.
● Side A has the name Simon in ancient Hebrew around a Palm Tree.
● Side B for the freedom of Jerusalem in ancient Hebrew surrounding grape leaf.

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Authentic bronze coin of the Bar Kochba Revolt / Second Jewish Revolt (132-135 A.D.)

Side A: Paleo-Hebrew inscription of “Shim’on” – name of Simon Bar Kochba / Kosiba, leader of the revolt. A seven branched palm tree with leaves, signifying victory.

Side B: Vine leaf with inscription “Year 3 of the revolt”

Echoes of Rebellion: Simon’s Enduring Legacy
The Second Jewish Revolt (132–136 A.D), led by Simon bar Kokhba, marked a significant yet ultimately tragic chapter in Jewish history. This period was not merely a military campaign but a profound expression of national identity and a desperate fight for survival against an empire that sought to erase it. Simon, hailed as “The Prince of Israel,” embodied the fervent hope of a people for liberation. His leadership and the rebellion he inspired have left an indelible mark on the Jewish collective memory, a legacy that is both a source of pride and a poignant reminder of the cost of freedom.

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