King Herod Agrippa Coin – Mounted in a 14k Gold Pendant with an Emerald – Made in Jerusalem


Own a piece of history with this exquisite King Herod Agrippa Coin Pendant.

This authentic biblical coin is delicately mounted in 14k gold, crowned with a radiant emerald, and crafted in the heart of Jerusalem. A timeless treasure that connects you to an ancient past.

● Weight: 4.6 grams.
● Size: 1.24″ / 3.1 cm (with bale).
● Certificate of authenticity
● Made in Jerusalem.



Unveiling the Majesty of the Past: The King Herod Agrippa Coin

The King Herod Agrippa coin is a remarkable artifact that offers a tangible connection to the ancient world, particularly to the era of the New Testament. Herod Agrippa, also known as Agrippa I, was the grandson of Herod the Great and ruled Judea from 41 to 44 AD. His reign, though brief, was marked by a return to the traditions of his grandfather and a close relationship with the Roman Empire. The coins minted during his rule are not just pieces of currency but are historical documents that provide insight into the politics, religion, and culture of the time.

The coins of King Herod Agrippa are distinguished by their inscriptions and imagery. They often feature the king’s name and title, along with symbols that reflect both Jewish traditions and the influence of Rome. For instance, some coins bear the image of a canopy – a symbol of the Sukkot festival – while others may depict animals or objects associated with Roman culture. These coins are a testament to the complex identity of Judea under Herod Agrippa’s rule, caught between its Jewish heritage and the overarching power of Rome.

Collectors and historians alike prize the King Herod Agrippa coin for its rarity and historical significance. The coins are not only valuable due to their age but also because they represent a period of great turmoil and change in Judea, which would eventually lead to the First Jewish-Roman War. Owning such a coin is like holding a piece of the ancient world, a fragment of a story that has shaped the course of history.

A Timeless Treasure Transformed: Biblical Coin Encased in 14k Gold and Emerald Pendant

The transformation of the King Herod Agrippa coin into a piece of jewelry is a fusion of antiquity and modern craftsmanship. Encasing this ancient coin in a 14k gold pendant with an emerald accentuates its beauty and historical value, making it a unique and luxurious item. The gold setting not only protects the coin but also adds a touch of elegance, allowing it to be worn as a sophisticated accessory that carries the weight of history.

The addition of an emerald to the pendant is a thoughtful choice, as emeralds have been revered throughout history for their rich green hue and supposed healing properties. In ancient times, emeralds were believed to symbolize power, rebirth, and eternal life. When paired with a coin from Herod Agrippa’s era, the emerald enhances the pendant’s connection to the past, creating a piece that is not just ornamental but also full of meaning.

Crafted in Jerusalem, these pendants are more than just jewelry; they are a celebration of heritage. Jerusalem, being at the heart of so many historical events, provides the perfect backdrop for the creation of such a piece. Artisans who understand the deep historical and cultural significance of the coin meticulously craft each pendant, ensuring that the final product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also respectful of its origins.

In conclusion, the King Herod Agrippa coin mounted in a 14k gold pendant with an emerald is a stunning piece that bridges the gap between past and present. It allows individuals to wear a piece of history, to keep the story of Herod Agrippa and ancient Judea alive. For those who cherish historical artifacts or seek a connection to the biblical era, this pendant is a treasure that embodies the majesty of the past, transformed into a timeless heirloom.

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