Palm Branches Surrounding a Cross and Flowers Stamped on Byzantine Period Clay Oil Lamp


Palm Branches Surrounding a Cross and Flowers Stamped on the Nozzle

● 4th 7th century lamp.
● Oil Lamp with Christian symbols
● Length: 4.5″ / 11cm. Width: 2.7″ / 7 cm.
● Discovered in Jerusalem.
● IAA export approval and certificate in included.

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Byzantine Clay lamp with a cross palm branch and flowers

In the heart of Jerusalem, a city that is as ancient as it is holy, a remarkable discovery was recently made that sheds light on the rich tapestry of its past. Amidst the layers of history that this city harbors, an extraordinary artifact from the Byzantine period has been unearthed, captivating archaeologists and historians alike. This artifact, a clay oil lamp embossed with a cross, palm branch, and flowers, offers a unique glimpse into the daily lives and spiritual practices of those who dwelled in this historic city more than a millennium ago.

Embossed with Cross, Palm Branch, and Flowers

Accompanying the cross, the palm branch and flowers embossed on the lamp are symbols laden with meaning. The palm branch is often associated with victory, peace, and eternal life within Christian iconography, suggesting that the lamp was not only a source of physical light but also a symbol of spiritual illumination and hope. The flowers add an element of beauty and nature, possibly representing the beauty of creation and the cycle of life, themes that are recurrent in religious art from the era.


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