Clay Oil Lamp from the Early Bronze Period – Abrahamic Era


Early Bronze Age Clay Oil Lamp

● Second Millennium before Christ.
● Four wicks lamp.
● Width: 4.3″ / 11 cm Height: 2.2″ / 5 cm.
● Discovered in Israel.
● IAA export approval and certificate included.

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Abrahamic period ancient oil lamp

The clay oil lamp from the Early Bronze Period, particularly during the Abrahamic era, stands as a testament to human ingenuity, spirituality, and the relentless pursuit of illumination in all its forms. As we uncover and study these ancient artifacts, we are reminded of the enduring power of light to guide, protect, and inspire. These modest lamps, shaped from the earth and lit by the hands of our ancestors, not only brightened the dark corners of their world but also continue to shine a light on our collective past, offering insights and wisdom that resonate across millennia. In the legacy of these ancient lights, we find a shared heritage that continues to illuminate the path forward, guiding us through the darkness with the enduring glow of human achievement and aspiration.

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