Authentic Roman Glass Tear Catcher – Discovered in Israel


First century glass jar

● Roman glass tear bottle.
● Tear catcher glass lachrymatory.
● Blue and green color patina.
● Height: 5″ / 13cm.
● Artifact from Roman period.
● Certificate of authenticity included.

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Roman glass tear jar from Israel

These vessels, often found in graves or burial chambers, were believed to collect the tears of mourners, encapsulating the sorrow of those left behind. The Romans held a profound belief in commemorating the deceased, and the lacrimarium played a central role in these mourning rituals. The discovery of the tear catcher in Israel not only sheds light on the burial practices of the Romans but also on the emotional depth and complexity of their society.

● Roman glass bottle used for tears.
● Blue and green color patina.
● Height: 5″ / 13 cm.
● Glass from Second Temple Period in Jerusalem.
● Certificate of authenticity included.

Roman glass was invented in the first century and widely transported by Romans.

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